Ships and Offshore Structures - Epoxy and Coatings

Ships and Offshore Structures - Epoxy and Coatings

Devcon offers an extensive selection of metal and rubber repair epoxy and protective coating, specially designed to restore and safeguard ships and offshore structures from corrosion, erosion, and mechanical harm.

By utilizing Devcon's diverse range of metal repair and rubber repair epoxy and coatings, damaged ships and offshore structures can be effectively repaired and shielded against the detrimental effects of erosion, corrosion, and deterioration. Importantly, these repairs can be performed conveniently and securely on-site, minimizing operational downtime and eliminating the necessity for hot work.

Devcon's range of cold-applied metal and rubber repair epoxy , along with epoxy coatings, come with a host of advantages, including:

Exceptional Erosion and Corrosion Protection: These solutions provide outstanding defense against erosion and corrosion, safeguarding critical equipment and structures.

Extended Equipment Lifespan: By preventing damage, they contribute to the prolonged operational life of equipment.

Cost Savings: They help reduce the need for expensive equipment replacements, resulting in significant cost savings.

Downtime Reduction: The ability to apply and cure these materials at room temperature means minimal downtime during maintenance.

No Hot Work Required: The absence of hot work eliminates safety hazards and simplifies the repair process.

Fast Cure, Even Underwater: These materials offer rapid curing, even when applied underwater, ensuring swift restoration.

Chemical Resistance: They exhibit excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making them suitable for diverse environments.

High-Temperature and Impact Resistance: These solutions can withstand high temperatures and provide protection against impact.

Versatile Compatibility: They adhere exceptionally well to various materials, including steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, GRP, FRP, cast iron, and more.

Repair and protection of equipment and structures

Devcon's rubber repair epoxy, such as Devcon R-Flex provide exceptional impact resistance and effective repair options for rubber-clad equipment and fenders. They eliminate the requirement for vulcanization while preserving repair durability.

Additionally, Devcon offers cold plate bonding solutions for heavily worn and corroded decks, offering a swift and secure alternative to replacement. These solutions ensure that assets remain operational and dependable, even in demanding maritime and industrial environments.

Furthermore, offshore wind farms face substantial erosion and corrosion challenges due to their operation within a splash zone environment. Devcon offers a selection of surface-tolerant materials, with Devcon Plastic A being a prime example. These metal putty are exceptionally well-suited for the repair of damaged metalwork and the sealing of exposed or leaking components, whether at the base or within the tower of the wind turbine.

For equipment operating under submerged conditions or in contact with aqueous solutions, applying Devcon Brushable Ceramic as an overcoat provides an effective corrosion-resistant barrier. This ensures the continued reliability and durability of crucial components in the demanding offshore wind energy sector.

Repair and protection of propulsion and steering gear systems

Corrosion-related issues in marine propulsion systems can be effectively addressed by employing a range of Devcon metal repair putty. These materials not only halt corrosion on components like jet tubes, kort nozzles, and bow thrusters but also mitigate galvanic effects by isolating exposed metal.

Products such as Devcon Plastic A & Devcon 5 Minute Putty, Devcon Titanium Putty are especially well-suited for shaping equipment like pintles, bearing housings, and bush seats due to their 100% solid composition, which prevents shrinkage during application.

Ancillary equipment

Devcon's metal repair putty are commonly employed to address corrosion and erosion damage found on auxiliary equipment onboard, including heat exchangers, valves, and pumps. To ensure optimal results and protection, a diverse selection of epoxy coatings is offered, providing resistance against erosion, corrosion, chemicals, and temperature variations

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