Adhesive / Sealant

A versatile solution that combines strong bonding, flexible sealing, and waterproof properties for a multitude of applications.

Cleaner / Remover

Specially formulated to effortlessly dissolve and remove tough stains, grime, and residues, leaving surfaces sparkling clean and refreshed.

Grease / Lubricant

A reliable solution designed to reduce friction, enhance performance, and provide long-lasting lubrication for smooth operation of machinery, equipment, and moving parts.

Metal Putty

Metal putty is an exceptionally high-performing epoxy putty infused with metal. It stands out as the ideal option for mending holes, fissures, and imperfections.

Dispense Accessories

Meticulously designed to optimize your dispensing experience, ensuring precise and controlled product distribution with ease, convenience, and minimal wastage.

Dispensing Equipment

Engineered to streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and deliver precise dispensing of liquids, adhesives, and other materials in various industries.

Shop by brand

Hong Teck Hin supplies many international brands of chemical products such as Loctite, Teroson, Bonderite, Permatex, Superlube, Devcon, Molykote, Dow Corning.