Devcon Brushable Ceramic Blue 2lb



Devcon Brushable Ceramic Blue 2lb

A high performance, high density,
ceramic filled, brushable epoxy to
seal and protect new or repaired
surfaces from cavitation, pitting,
erosion and wear.

  • Seal and protect new equipment
    exposed to erosion and corrosion
  • Protect pump casings, impeller
    blades, gate valves, water boxes
    and fan blades
  • Rebuild heat exchangers, tube
    sheets and other circulation water
  • Use it as a topcoat on repaired
    surfaces to provide an exceptionally
    smooth surface
  • chemical resistance coating
  • Repair coating
  • Chemical coating


Working time is 40 minutes at 21ºC. Brushable Ceramic
will achieve a tack-free finish approximately 2-3 hours after
applying. Functional cure is achieved in about 24 hours at
21ºC. Cure may be accelerated by using heat after the
coating has been allowed to harden under ambient
conditions. Material will fully cure at 65ºC in 4 hours.
Remember the maximum re-coat time between coats is
4-6 hours. Each coat should be 0.5-1.0mm per coat.
Two coats insure a pinhole free lining.

Proper surface preparation is essential to a successful
application. The following procedures should be considered:
  • All surfaces must be dry, clean and rough.
  • If surface is oily or greasy, use Devcon Fast Cleaner 2000
    Spray /Cleaner Blend 300 to degrease the surface.
  • All surfaces must be roughened, ideally by grit blasting
    (3-16 mesh/cm grit size) or by grinding with a coarse wheel
    or disc. This creates increased surface area and ”edges”
    to lock into, and essential for successful application.
  • Metal that has been handling sea water or other salt
    solutions should be grit blasted and high pressure water
    blasted and left overnight to allow any salts in the metal to
    ’sweat’ to the surface. Repeat blasting may be required to
    ’sweat out’ all the soluble salts. A test for chloride
    contamination should be performed prior to any epoxy
    application. The maximum soluble salts left on the substrate
    should be no more than 40 p.p.m. (parts per million).
  • Chemical cleaning with Devcon Fast Cleaner 2000 Spray /
    Cleaner Blend 300 should follow all abrasive preparation.
    This will help to remove all traces of sandblasting, grit, oil,
    grease, dust or other foreign substances.
  • Heating the repair area to 37ºC - 40ºC immediately before
    applying Brushable Ceramic is recommended.
    This procedure dries off any moisture, contamination or
    solvents and assists the Ceramic System in achieving
    maximum adhesion to the substrate.

Brushable Ceramic is formulated to brush easily onto
prepared surfaces with a short bristle brush. Add hardener
to resin and mix thoroughly with a spatula or similar tool
until a uniform, streak-free consistency is obtained, this
should take about 4 minutes. Be sure to mix material from
the bottom and sides of container. It is strongly recommended
that full container units be mixed

For best results, product should be kept and applied at
room temperature. Brushable Ceramic can be applied when
temperatures are between 15ºC and 32ºC. When temperatures are below 21ºC, cure and pot life will be longer, and
above room temperature cure and pot life will be shorter.

A shelf life of 3 years from date of manufacture can be
expected when stored at room temperature (22ºC) in their
original containers.

For complete safety and handling information, please refer to
Material Safety Data Sheets prior to using this product.

ITW Performance Polymers will replace any material found
to be defective. As the storage, handling and application of
this material is beyond our control we can accept no liability
for the results obtained.
These are the frequently asked questions :
What is chemical resistance material?
Is powder coating chemical resistant?
What material has the best chemical resistance?
Belzona 4331 Chemical resistant coating
Feel free to contact us if there are any queries above or other questions we will be glad to assist you. Demo Practices are available too, we have our professional to guide you or recommend proper application on the products.

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