Pump Repair and Pump Protection

Devcon Brushable Ceramic Application

The application of Devcon metal putty can effectively restore heavily damaged pumps to their original state. Devcon metal putty & ceramic coating not only prevents further degradation but also enhances pump efficiency, ultimately reducing the need for frequent maintenance and associated costs.

Pump Repair

Over time, especially in demanding and aggressive operating conditions, pump performance is susceptible to deterioration due to factors like erosion, corrosion, chemical exposure, wear, and cavitation.

Devcon Range of Metal Putty:

  • Reconstructing the pump casing and impeller doesn't require specialized tools.
  • It reestablishes wear ring clearances to their optimal state.
  • Offers extended-term protection against corrosion and erosion.
  • Eliminates the necessity for hot work.
  • Cures effectively at room temperature.
  • Demonstrates outstanding adhesion to various metal substrates, including stainless steel, duplex steels, carbon steel, aluminum, cast iron, bronze, and specialized alloys. 
  •  Provides safeguarding against pump cavitation.

Pump protection and efficiency enhancement

Devcon ceramic coatings such as Devcon Brushable Ceramic provide long-term erosion-corrosion protection. 

ceramic coatingceramic coating on pumps

In demanding scenarios characterized by heavy wear, such as those found in sludge or sewage pumps, Devcon Wear Guard shine. They are incorporated with exceptionally hard fillers, delivering unparalleled protection.

Furthermore, repairing pump shafts against wear and seizing can be accomplished by employing Devcon Titanium Putty

Titanium Putty

Moreover, end covers, valve plates, and rotors of vacuum pumps can all undergo restoration and protection through the use of Devcon Metal Putty.

metal putty


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