Loctite SF 7090 Solventless Primer



Loctite Sf 7090 Solventless Primer 29.5ml

  • Storage Temperature : -40 °C
  • Viscosity : Low
  • Colour : Dark blue-green
  • Curing Type : Copolymerization
  • Application : Cure acceleration of LOCTITE®
    anaerobic products

LOCTITE SF 7090 is a dark blue-green, low viscosity, reactive monomer-based, solvent-free surface activator composed of copper salt and aliphatic amine which increases the cure speed of LOCTITE anaerobic products. It is especially recommended for applications with passive metals or inert surfaces, with large bond gaps or where prevailing temperatures are as low as <+59 °F (<+15 °C).

  • Low viscosity
  • Solvent-free
  • Especially recommended for applications with passive metals or inert surfaces
  • Also recommended for large gaps
  • Suitable where prevailing temperatures are as low as <+59 °F (<+15 °C)
LOCTITE® SF 7090™ is a reactive monomer based "solvent
free" surface activator designed to promote the cure speed of
anaerobic products. It is especially recommended
for applications with passive metals or inert surfaces and with
large bond gaps. LOCTITE® SF 7090™ is particularly
recommended when prevailing temperature is low (<15 °C).

This product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen
and/or oxygen rich systems and should not be selected as
a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials.
For safe handling information on this product, consult the
Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
Under no circumstances should activator and adhesive be
mixed directly as liquids. Use only in a well ventilated area.
Where aqueous washing systems are used to clean the
surfaces before bonding, it is important to check for
compatibility of the washing solution with the adhesive. In
some cases these aqueous washes can affect the cure and
performance of the adhesive.
Directions for use:

  1. Spray or brush on the activator on both mating surfaces to
    be bonded. For small gaps, treatment of only one surface
    may be adequate. Contaminated surfaces may need
    repeated treatment or special degreasing prior to
    activation to remove any dissolvable contamination.
    Porous surfaces may need two treatments of activator.
  2. The activator will not dry and will remain active for up to 1
    hour after application.
  3. Apply the Loctite anaerobic product to one or both
    surfaces and assemble parts immediately.
  4. Where possible, move surfaces in relation to each other
    for a few seconds on assembly to properly distribute the
    adhesive and for maximum activation..
  5. Secure the assembly and await fixturing before any
    further handling..

Loctite Material Specification

LMS dated May-11, 1998. Test reports for each batch are
available for the indicated properties. LMS test reports include
selected QC test parameters considered appropriate to
specifications for customer use. Additionally, comprehensive
controls are in place to assure product quality and
consistency. Special customer specification requirements may
be coordinated through Henkel Quality

Store product in the unopened container in a dry location.
Storage information may be indicated on the product container
Optimal Storage: 8 °C to 21 °C. Storage below 8 °C or
greater than 28 °C can adversely affect product properties.
Material removed from containers may be contaminated during
use. Do not return product to the original container. Henkel
Corporation cannot assume responsibility for product which
has been contaminated or stored under conditions other than
those previously indicated. If additional information is required,
please contact your local Technical Service Center or
Customer Service Representative.
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