Loctite Ea9466 Epoxy Adhesive Cartridge Yellow 50ml



Loctite Ea9466 Epoxy Adhesive Cartridge Yellow 50ml

  • Peel Strength on Steel : 8 N/mm
  • Fixture Time Temperature : 22 °C
  • Viscosity : 35 mPa.s (cP) Brookfield
  • Color : Yellow: Light Yellow
  • Curing Type : Room temperature cure after mixing
  • Application : Bonding

LOCTITE® EA 9466 is a 2-part, yellowish, structural bonding epoxy adhesive that cures at room temperature, forming a tough bond line which provides high peel resistance and high shear strength. It is formulated for applications needing an extended work life and high bond strength. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, it also acts as an excellent electrical insulator.

  • Long open time
  • Creates a tough, high strength bond
  • High peel and shear strengths
  • Resistant to chemicals and solvents
  • Excellent insulation properties
LOCTITE® EA 9466™ is a toughened, industrial grade epoxy
adhesive with extended work life. Once mixed, the two
component epoxy cures at room temperature to form a tough,
off-white bondline which provides high peel resistance and
high shear strengths. The fully cured epoxy is resistant to a
wide range of chemicals and solvents, and acts as an excellent
electrical insulator. LOCTITE® EA 9466™ provides excellent
bond strengths to a wide variety of plastics and metals. Typical
applications include general purpose industrial applications
requiring extended work life for adjusting parts during assembly

Cure Speed vs. Time, Temperature

The rate of cure will depend on the ambient
temperature, elevated temperatures may be used to accelerate
the cure. The graph below shows shear strength developed
with time at various temperatures on grit blasted steel lap
shears and tested according to ISO 4587

This product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen
and/or oxygen rich systems and should not be selected as
a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials.
For safe handling information on this product, consult the
Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
Where aqueous washing systems are used to clean the
surfaces before bonding, it is important to check for
compatibility of the washing solution with the adhesive. In
some cases these aqueous washes can affect the cure and
performance of the adhesive.
Directions for use:

  1. For best performance part surfaces should be clean and
    free of grease.
  2. For high strength structural bonds, remove surface
    contaminants such as paint, oxide films, oils, dust, mold
    release agents and all other surface contaminants.
  3. Dual Cartridges: To use simply insert the cartridge into
    the application gun and start the plunger into the cylinders
    using light pressure on the trigger. Next, remove the
    cartridge cap and expel a small amount of adhesive to be
    sure both sides are flowing evenly and freely. If automatic
    mixing of resin and hardener is desired, attach the mixing
    nozzle to the end of the cartridge and begin dispensing
    the adhesive. For hand mixing, expel the desired amount
    of the adhesive and mix thoroughly. Mix for approximately
    15 seconds after uniform color is obtained.
    Bulk Containers: Mix thoroughly by weight or volume in
    the proportions specified in Product Description section.
    Mix vigorously, approximately 15 seconds after uniform
    color is obtained.
  4. Do not mix quantities greater than 4 kg as excessive heat
    build-up can occur. Mixing smaller quantities will minimise
    the heat build-up.
  5. Apply the adhesive as quickly as possible after mixing to
    one surface to be joined. For maximum bond strength
    apply adhesive evenly to both surfaces. Parts should be
    assembled immediately after mixed adhesive has been
  6. Keep assembled parts from moving during cure. The bond
    should be allowed to cure 24 hours before subjecting
    to any service loads.
  7. Excess uncured adhesive can be wiped away with organic
    solvent (e.g. Acetone).
  8. After use and before adhesive hardens mixing and
    dispensing equipment should be cleaned with hot soapy

Not for product specifications

The technical data contained herein are intended as reference
only and are not considered specifications for the product.
Product specifications are located on the Certificate of Analysis
or please contact Henkel representative.

Store product in the unopened container in a dry location.
Storage information may be indicated on the product container
Optimal Storage: 8 °C to 21 °C. Storage below 8 °C or
greater than 28 °C can adversely affect product properties.
Material removed from containers may be contaminated during
use. Do not return product to the original container. Henkel
Corporation cannot assume responsibility for product which
has been contaminated or stored under conditions other than
those previously indicated. If additional information is required,
please contact your local Technical Service Center or
Customer Service Representative.

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