Loctite 98666 All Purpose Syringe System

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Loctite 98666 All Purpose Syringe System

Loctite 98666 All-purpose Syringe Dispensing System is a digital electro-pneumatic dispensing system designed for dispensing repeatable amounts of fluids e.g. resins, adhesives, oils, silicones, etc. from 30 ml and 300 ml syringes/cartridges. The system is easy to operate and achieves high repetition accuracy. The adjustable vacuum suck-back feature effectively prevents post-dispense dripping. The system is delivered ready for operation, including dispensing needles, cartridge, cartridge adapter, cartridge holder and foot switch.

  • Digital timing control
  • Timer setting range 0.01 to 99.99 sec
  • Pressure range 0.25 to 7 bar
  • Requires minimal bench space of 150 x 180 x 160 mm
  • Includes cartridge adapter 30 cc / 10 cc, cartridge, needles, cartridge holder and foot switch
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