Loctite 382 Acrylic Instant Adhesive Ultra Clear 20g

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Loctite 382 Acrylic Instant Adhesive Ultra Clear 20g

  • Shear Strength, Grit Blasted Steel to Glass : 3200 psi
  • Full Cure Temperature : 77 °F
  • Viscosity : 5000 mPa.s (cP) Brookfield
  • Key Substrates : Rubbers, Plastics and Metals
  • Color : Clear: Ultra Clear
  • Curing Type : Humidity
  • Application : Bonding

LOCTITE® 382 is a transparent, colorless, general purpose, ethyl-based instant adhesive gel with a fixture time of 20 - 40 secs. It is suitable for rubbers and metals and also suitable for plastics and polyolefins with Primer LOCTITE® SF 770 or LOCTITE® SF 7239.

  • General purpose gel
  • Suitable for rubbers and metals
  • Suitable for plastics and polyolefins with Primer LOCTITE 770 or LOCTITE 7239
  • Fixture time 20 - 40 secs.
382™ is a single part, fast curing high viscosity
cyanoacrylate adhesive formulated for electronics applications.
382™ is designed to use with TAK PAK®
Accelerators to attain instant cures for tacking electronics
components . Typical applications include wire tacking to coil
forms; tamper proofing adjustable components; mounting
standoffs, edge guides and stiffeners to circuit boards.

Under normal conditions, the atmospheric moisture initiates the
curing process. Although full functional strength is developed
in a relatively short time, curing continues for at least 24 hours
before full chemical/solvent resistance is developed.
Cure Speed vs. Substrate

The rate of cure will depend on the substrate used. The table
below shows the fixture time achieved on different materials
at 22 °C / 50 % relative humidity. This is defined as the time to
develop a shear strength of 0.1 N/mm².
Cure Speed vs. Bond Gap

The rate of cure will depend on the bondline gap. Thin bond
lines result in high cure speeds, increasing the bond gap will
decrease the rate of cure.
Cure Speed vs. Activator

Where cure speed is unacceptably long due to large gaps,
applying activator to the surface will improve cure speed.
However, this can reduce ultimate strength of the bond and
therefore testing is recommended to confirm effect.

This product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen
and/or oxygen rich systems and should not be selected as
a sealant for chlorine or other strong oxidizing materials.
For safe handling information on this product, consult the
Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
Directions for use:

  1. Apply one coating of TAK PAK®
    accelerator to the area to
    be bonded, by spray, brush or dipping. Prior to
    application, contaminated surfaces may need special
    cleaning or degreasing to remove any dissolvable
    NOTE: Because the solvent base of TAK PAK®
    can affect certain plastics or coatings, checking all surfaces for
    compatibility is recommended.
  2. Allow the accelerator time to evaporate under good
    ventilation until the surfaces are completely dry (approx.
    15 to 30- seconds)..
  3. Apply LOCTITE®
    382™ cyanoacrylate product
    immediately after solvent has dried.
    NOTE: If cyanoacrylate is not applied to the accelerator within
    45 seconds, accelerator should be reapplied
  4. Where possible, move surfaces in relation to each other
    for a few seconds on assembly to properly distribute the
    adhesive and for maximum activation..
  5. Secure the assembly and await fixturing before any
    further handling..

Loctite Material Specification

LMS dated November-21, 2002. Test reports for each batch
are available for the indicated properties. LMS test reports
include selected QC test parameters considered appropriate to
specifications for customer use. Additionally, comprehensive
controls are in place to assure product quality and
consistency. Special customer specification requirements may
be coordinated through Henkel Quality.

Store product in the unopened container in a dry location.
Storage information may be indicated on the product container
Optimal Storage: 8 °C to 21 °C. Storage below 8 °C or
greater than 28 °C can adversely affect product properties.
Material removed from containers may be contaminated during
use. Do not return product to the original container. Henkel
Corporation cannot assume responsibility for product which
has been contaminated or stored under conditions other than
those previously indicated. If additional information is required,
please contact your local Technical Service Center or
Customer Service Representative.
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