Devcon Flexane Primer Metal FL-20



Devcon Flexane Primer Metal FL-20

Flexane Primers provide maximum
adhesion of all Flexane products to the


Apply to metals, concrete, rubber,
wood, fibreglass and previously
applied Flexane.


  • If the rubber surface is oily or greasy, use Devcon Fast
    Cleaner 2000 Spray/Cleaner Blend 300 with an abrasive
    pad to cleanse the surface.
  • After the recommended method of degreasing, coarse
    sanding (16 or 24 grit) of the rubber surface is done to
    produce a good ’surface profile’. Oils and contaminants
    that are imbedded into the rubber surface are usually
    released at this time.
  • A coarse sanding disk (16 or 24 grit) is excellent for
    abrading any rubber surface.
  • If the metal surface is oily or greasy, use Devcon Fast
    Cleaner 2000 Spray/Cleaner Blend 300 to cleanse the
  • After this recommended method of cleaning, abrasive
    blasting is done to the surface to produce a good
    ’surface profile’. Oils and contaminants usually get
    embedded into the surface, and do not wash away
    with degreasing. Use a 24 - 40 grit or coarser abrasive
    for this process.
  • If you cannot abrasive blast the substrate, you may use
    a coarse sandpaper (60 grit or coarser) to achieve the
    desired surface.
  • Always try to make the repair as soon as possible after
    cleaning the substrate to avoid oxidation or flash rusting.
    Immediately coating the metal with FL-10 Primer will keep
    the metal surfaces from rusting.

Concrete being a very porous substrate requires multiple
cleaning. Degrease the area with Devcon Fast Cleaner
2000 Spray/Cleaner Blend 300 and rinse the area. A power
washer or steam cleaner is useful for quicker and efficient
cleaning. Let the floor dry thoroughly before applying Primer
and Flexane.

Many field applications using Devcon’s Flexane technology
are unsuccessful because the technician fails to use the
proper primers to adhere the Flexane to the substrate.
There are two different priming systems to use when
applying Flexane. They are as follows:
  • METAL SURFACES: Use 2 coats Devcon’s FL-10 Primer to
    coat all metal substrates; this includes Stainless Steel and
  • RUBBER SURFACES: Use Devcon’s FL-20 Primer to coat
    all gum rubbers, neoprene and cured urethanes.
  • IMMERSION SUBSTRATES: Use both Primers FL-10 and
    FL-20 to coat any metal substrate that will be immersed in
    any aqueous solution. First apply the FL-10 Primer and let
    it dry for 60 minutes. Next coat with the FL-20 Primer. Let it
    dry for 30 minutes before applying the Flexane material.
  • CONCRETE: Use Devcon’s FL-20 Primer to coat this
    substrate. Concrete being a very ’porous’ substrate may
    need multiple coats of FL-20 Primer for proper adhesion.
    Let the Primer dry for 30 minutes between coats.
  • WOOD & FIBREGLASS: Use Devcon’s FL-20 Primer for all
    wood products. The softwoods will need 2 coats of Primer
    because of their absorption characteristics.
It should be noted that applying two coats of FL-10 Primer
to metal substrates will improve the adhesion over a one
coat priming system. Each container of Flexane Primer
covers approximately 1sq. meter.
For all other substrates please consult Devcon for information
on their range of Primers and correct application procedures.

Devcon Primer’s FL-10 & FL-20 should be stored in a cool
dry place when not used for a long period of time. A shelf life
of 2 years from date of manufacture can be expected
for the FL-10 and 1 year from date of manufacture for the
FL-20, when stored at room temperature (22ºC) in their
original containers.

For complete safety and handling information, please refer
to the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets prior to using
this product.

ITW Performance Polymers will replace any material found to
be defective. As the storage, handling and application of this
material is beyond our control we can accept no liability for
the results obtained.
These are the frequently asked questions :
How do i use flexane primer ?
Where do i apply the flexane primer ?
Feel free to contact us if there are any queries above or other questions we will be glad to assist you. Demo Practices are available too, we have our professional to guide you or recommend proper application on the products.

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