Engine Casing Repair and Protection

Engine Casing Repair and Protection

Devcon offers an extensive selection of epoxy uniquely tailored for the rebuilding and restoration of engines and casings. Devcon products are frequently employed in the refurbishment of substantial industrial engines, including locomotives, marine engines, and generators.

Versatile machinable repair and rebuild putty like Devcon 5-min Putty (SF) enable the swift restoration of critical equipment and expedite repair processes compared to conventional methods such as welding. This not only reduces costs but also minimizes downtime, ensuring a faster return to service for essential machinery.

Repairing wet surfaces is a breeze with Devcon Underwater Repair Putty. This surface-tolerant, cold-curing repair putty offers quick applications. It adheres seamlessly to manually prepared surfaces and can be directly applied to wet or even underwater areas, making it a versatile and efficient choice for various repair scenarios.

Devcon HR-300, provide swift solutions for hotspots that are difficult to repair and reinforce. Following repairs, an additional layer of protection can be applied using Devcon Brushable Ceramic, delivering long-lasting erosion and corrosion resistance, even under high-temperature operating conditions.


Devcon array of metal repair putty offers a comprehensive set of solutions:

Resurfacing: They can resurface distorted mating faces on gearboxes and casings.

Reforming: These epoxy putty accurately reform bearing and bushing housings.

Thread Restoration: They effectively restore stripped threads in parts like cover plates and sump plugs.

Damage Repair: They are capable of repairing cracks and holes resulting from mechanical failure, wear, erosion, and corrosion.

Cylinder Block Restoration: They can repair erosion, corrosion, and cavitation damage on cylinder blocks and liners.

Bearing Shell Repair: They can simplify the repair and reseating of bearing shells.

Void Filling: They fill voids and defects in metal casings.

Casing Sealing: They can quickly seal porous and permeable casings.

Flange Restoration: They restore flanges to their original dimensions.


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