Material Handling Equipment Repair and Protection

Material Handling Equipment Repair and Protection

Devcon has innovated a versatile range of solutions designed for repairing and safeguarding material handling equipment. Equipment such as screw conveyors, conveyor belts, slurry pumps, chutes, and hoppers often encounter severe erosion and abrasion issues. Devcon urethane compound is tailored for rubber protection present a swift and dependable alternative to traditional welding and vulcanization methods.

Solution such as Devcon R-Flex can be applied in situ to renew worn areas of conveyor belts, offering essential qualities like durability, elasticity, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance. They are also frequently utilized for tasks such as joining, splicing, rebonding belts, and even sealing metallic clips to shield them against corrosion and mechanical damage.

Conveyor belt repair

Devcon Wear Guard solution is resistant to abrasion and impact, and is particularly suitable for bonding tiles or plates in chutes, hoppers, and pipe elbows. Not only do they resist corrosion, but they also exhibit resistance to a broad spectrum of chemicals.

Devcon Brushable Ceramic proves effective in safeguarding equipment prone to extensive wear, such as hoppers, chutes, and mixer blades. These high-performance coatings, featuring ceramic aggregates, resist deformation and wear, ensuring prolonged protection against abrasion. Moreover, Devcon's materials are user-friendly, requiring no specialized tools for mixing and application, and they cure at room temperature, eliminating the need for hot work.

The range of repair solutions from Devcon is designed to:

  • Renew worn and damaged conveyor systems
  • Join and splice conveyor belts or rebond filler strips in vulcanized joints
  • Seal metallic conveyor belt clips and shield them from corrosion and mechanical damage
  • Bond and grout tiles and plates
  • Provide a protective lining for pipe elbows through bonding and sealing
  • Repair rubber linings to prevent further abrasion damage
  • Safeguard mud and slurry pumps from chemical attack
  • Repair and line material handling screw conveyor systems
  • Offer positive grip systems for controlling friction on transfer rollers and grab arms

Devcon coatings have demonstrated their resilience against extreme impact and abrasion conditions across various equipment, including hoppers, chutes, and grinding mills. They excel in scenarios such as handling crushed rock in the mining industry or managing logs of substantial weight in debarking drums within the lumber and paper industries. Equipment exposed to simultaneous extreme impact and abrasion tends to wear out rapidly, leading many plants to run this equipment until failure, resulting in frequent shutdowns and replacements. Devcon epoxy wear-resistant compounds offer a cost-effective solution to extend equipment life and minimize plant shutdowns.

The replacement of a worn-out grinding mill or debarking drum can force a plant to halt operations for days. However, applying a protective Devcon coating to the equipment can enable it to be back in service in as little as 2-3 hours. Moreover, when the Devcon coating eventually wears out, it can be replaced multiple times during the extended lifespan of the protected equipment. The expense of these coatings is negligible when compared to the revenue lost during an extended plant shutdown.


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