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The oil and gas sector has been using Devcon's extensive line of epoxy-based metal repair putties and coatings since the late 1970s. The materials from Devcon are especially created to offer superior chemical resistance, erosion and corrosion protection, and protection for equipment operating onshore and offshore under a range of temperatures and pressures. Devcon provides affordable solutions that obviate the need for new equipment while lowering labor expenditures and downtime.

Internal and external protection of process vessels

The coatings from Devcon can be applied by hand, and once they have dried out in use, they create a barrier between the substrate and corrosive media, extending the time required for corrosion management. Devcon's coatings are made to survive extreme pressure and temperature changes, including steam-out and explosive decompression, in addition to resisting erosion-corrosion.

Pipework repair and protection

Devcon metal repair putty can be used to fix thin-wall and through-wall damage. The lifespan of assets can be extended by using pipe wrapping, plate bonding, and pit filling.

Cold Welding

For the installation and repair of assets like decks, tanks, pipes, and fittings that may be done safely and easily in place, Devcon offers cold welding solutions as an alternative to welding. It is possible to securely and permanently bond the deck's hardware, framework, and supports. In the fabrication stage, during turnarounds, or when the platform is in use, Devcon cold welding is equally effective. With Devcon's innovative injection bonding technology, corroded machinery and buildings may be repaired in place. This method has been used successfully for deck renovation and other repairs involving structural stability.

Splash zone repair and protection

Corrosion-resistant repair putty and coatings can be used to repair rubber sheath and pitting corrosion damage and will ensure long-term erosion and corrosion protection of risers.

Storage tank and secondary containment area repair and protection

Devcon provides solutions for damaged storage tanks such as fast-curing putty that will eliminate the need for hot work, therefore reducing health and safety concerns. Devcon's selection of concrete repair composites and coatings can be used to repair and protect concrete floors and walls, significantly reducing downtime.

Carbon Capture

As a strategy to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere, power-producing facilities are increasingly capturing the carbon dioxide that is created. Oil and gas operations use amine stripper columns to remove carbon dioxide from process streams.
Because they are made of steel, amine stripper columns are susceptible to corrosion, which can cause a decrease in wall thickness and ultimately compel the operation to cease. Because traditional repair techniques like welding are not always an option in these circumstances, asset owners frequently turn to Devcon's cold bonding solutions.
With Devon's high-temperature repair solution, Devcon HR-300, which offers exceptional long-term corrosion protection, areas of the column that experience metal loss can be repaired. High-temperature coatings called Devcon Ceramic Red and Devcon Ceramic Blue can be used to prevent corrosion in amine stripper columns.


Many oil and gas fields are currently in their final operational phase or are rapidly approaching the end of their useful lives. This makes it challenging to decide when and how to remove or repurpose existing facilities, especially in offshore fields. Even with low-pressure systems on board, the time between the end of production and the removal of process equipment is essential for structural safety.
Devcon can support clients in this phase with repair, bonding, sealing, and coatings appropriate for the environment. Devcon Plastic A and Devcon Titanium Putty are suitable for many repairs including rebuilding areas of metal loss through corrosion or erosion bonding plates to rebuild structural strength.

Devcon's metal repair putty and high-temperature coatings are suitable for other areas, including:

  • Fenders and hoses
  • Heat exchangers
  • Seawater filters
  • Centrifugal and vacuum pumps
  • Chemical containment
  • Separator vessels

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