Shaft Repair | How to series

Shaft Repair | How to series


Shaft Wear and Damage

Shafts are an essential part of rotating machinery. Shafts are used to transfer power from one component to another or from a power-producing machine to a power-absorbing machine. Shafts are frequently used in submerged or partially submerged environments and are vulnerable to corrosive or chemical attacks. Shafts in the mining industry are susceptible to wear or damage from abrasive material, friction, and vibration. Sand abrasion, seawater exposure, gland packing damage, and shaft bushing degradation can all cause shaft erosion-corrosion in the maritime industry. Furthermore, shaft dysfunction may be brought on by large keyways, a vital part that joins the spinning machinery to the shaft. Shafts that are worn out or damaged can cause the machine to stop working. Therefore, worn shafts could slow down or stop output, which would result in lost revenue.

Traditional Shaft Repair Techniques

The traditional method for repairing worn and damaged shafts involves a hot procedure (welding/machining or hot metal spray/machining). These traditional techniques will leave a lasting impact on the shaft if not used with caution. They also call for disassembling the apparatus. Thermal spraying and welding both have their issues. The metal may be tampered with and distorted during welding, reducing its capacity to support loads. Only small-scale damage (up to a few thousandths of an inch) can be repaired using metal spraying. Utilizing Devcon Titanium Putty will help you avoid these issues and constraints.

Devcon Shaft Repair Solution

It is possible to bypass the drawbacks and restrictions of traditional techniques like metal spray shaft restoration by using Devcon Titanium Putty.
Below are the steps involved:

  1. Undercut the shaft
  2. Degrease and clean the worn shaft using solvents such as Acetone
  3. Mix and apply Devcon Titanium Putty
  4. Allow Titanium Putty to cure for at least 4 hours.
  5. Machine the piece immediately after the putty is cured.
  6. Smooth down with emery cloth.

Watch the worn shaft repair video

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