Protection for Valves, Pipes and Fittings

Protection for Valves, Pipes and Fittings

Maintenance of pipelines is crucial across various industries, with pipes, valves, and fittings susceptible to damage from factors such as impact, frost, corrosion, erosion, and chemical exposure.

Devcon offers an extensive range of metal putty and epoxy coatings specifically crafted for superior erosion and corrosion protection, coupled with excellent chemical resistance. These materials find application in rebuilding valve components, guides, slides, diaphragms, expansion bellows, and providing a protective coating against further damage.

Devcon metal repair epoxies are effective in restoring strength to weakened or perforated pipes. Versatile solutions include applying bonding patches over damaged areas and using reinforced Devcon Zip Patch for the fast repair of low-pressure, non-critical equipment.

As a brushable liquid coating, the user-friendly Devcon Brushable Ceramic Blue solution is applied to coat and encapsulate crucial piping in industrial plants. Devcon Brushable Ceramic Blue effectively seals and shields piping from both internal and external damage, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its versatility allows it to be used independently as a standalone coating or in conjunction with other compatible protective pipe wrap systems for enhanced overall protection.

Devcon's solutions for pipework encompass:

  • Swift leak sealing, obviating the need for line shutdowns
  • Permanent pipe repairs using Devcon for plate bonding
  • Bonding wear pads and shims on pipelines
  • Restoration of corroded or distorted flange faces for resealing
  • Flexible and peelable protection system for flange encapsulation
  • Wet and underwater substrates
  • Internal corrosion protection
  • External corrosion protection

Devcon's solutions for valves and fittings encompass:

  • Repair of valve seats, sealing faces, bushes, and gland housings
  • Rebuilding valve guides and slides
  • In-situ sealing of expansion systems and flexible bellows
  • Restoration of severe erosion damage
  • Repair and restoration of cracked valve casings
  • Internal and external protection against erosion, cavitation, chemical attack, and high temperatures

Devcon's metal repair putty eliminate the need for hot work, ensuring a straightforward and safe application process, thereby minimizing costs and downtime. Furthermore, Devcon's ceramic-filled epoxy coatings are employed for exceptional wear resistance, coupled with protection against erosion, corrosion, and chemical damage across diverse temperature ranges.

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