Rapid Repair of Transport Belt at Shale Limestone Mine with Devcon® R-Flex®

Rapid Repair of Transport Belt at Shale Limestone Mine with Devcon® R-Flex®

The conveyor belt is essential to the mining industry because it moves raw materials from one part of the plant to the next for processing. Due to constant wear and abrasion, this piece of equipment sustains repeated damage over time.


Limestone aggregate is transported from a shale limestone mine to the plant's processing area by a primary transport belt. Long-running hours and repeated transportation of the heavy items put a strain on the flexible rubber material that makes up the transport belt's lining, causing abrasive wear and infrastructural damage. Multiple parts of the equipment were damaged as a result of the transport belt's abrasive wear. To resolve these problems and go on moving and processing raw materials, a speedy belt repair was required.

Operating Conditions

Daily equipment function time: 22 hours

Daily transport belt output: 26,000 tons of limestone

Maximum application time: 2 hours


Devcon R-Flex was successfully used by this shale limestone mine as a long-lasting belt repair technology to minimize major transport belt downtime.

The primary transport belt was cleaned of all raw materials surrounding the damaged section of the equipment in order to prepare it for Devcon R-Flex treatment.

The transport belt's rubber surface was cleaned with Devcon Cleaner Blend 300 and roughened with an abrasive disc pad for the best possible adherence.

It was simple to combine Devcon R-Flex resin and curing agent before pouring it onto the transport belt's damaged area.

After smoothing the industrial-grade epoxy to the proper thickness, it was allowed to cure for a total of 90 minutes.

Project Outcome

Rapid Cure Time

When choosing a product solution for this shale limestone mine, maintaining machine uptime was a crucial consideration. In less than two hours, Devcon R-Flex was installed, effectively meeting the plant's requirements. This processing mine was able to continue operations and meet daily production needs by keeping equipment uptime with Devcon R-Flex.

Durable Rubber Repair

A product solution for this mine was required because of the main transport conveyor belt's rigorous process requirements. Devcon R-Flex met all of the requirements for a long-lasting, reliable solution. This limestone and shale mine carried out monthly maintenance check-ins and discovered that after a year, the primary transport conveyor belt showed no further symptoms of wear. Given these positive outcomes, the mine will keep using Devcon R-Flex coating for belt repairs.

Easy Application

A product solution with straightforward application instructions was essential because the required repair time was 2 hours. The installation of Devcon R-Flex by mine maintenance staff went smoothly after they followed a small number of mixing and application instructions. As a result, the repair was completed quickly and within the allotted time frame.

Devcon R-Flex being poured onto damaged transport belt areaDevcon R Flex Limestone transported via conveyor beltDevcon R Flex Damaged area of the transport beltDevcon R Flex repair system application

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