Vibration-damping Material LEGETOLEX

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Lightweight, high-function vibration-damping material based on original expertise in adhesives and soundproofing evaluation and design.


Lightweight vibration damping material LEGETOLEX weighs less than conventional damping material, is less dependent on temperature, and exhibits a stable damping effect at a wide range of temperatures. This adhesive material doesn't rire further adhesive, adheres well to rough or oily surfaces and smoothly follows the contour of 3-dimensional curved surfaces. Applying the damping material to only approximately 30% of the panel area provides a significant reduction in noise. In addition to the aluminum standard type (D-300N) and glass cloth type (D-350) are also available.


  • Offers stable vibration damping for a wide range of temperatures. 
  • Extremely lightweight; contributes to reducing weight of products used on.
  • Has an adhesive layer; no additional adhesive is needed.
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