Ultra-thin PET-based 5μm Double Sided Tape No.5600

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Ultra-thin double sided adhesive tape with a thickness of only 0.005mm.

It helps to reduce the thickness of electronic devices. Suitable for fixing various thin components in a limited space.


  • Ultra-thin double sided adhesive tape using a PET film as its substrate to realize a thickness of 0.005mm.
  • Low thermal resistance is achieved due to its ultra-thinness.
  • A PET film release liner and a plastic core are used to minimize dust.
  • Various thicknesses are available.


*Thickness is excluding release liner.


Thermal resistance and thermal conductivity

Thickness [mm] Thermal Resistance V [cm2K/W] Thermal Conductivity [W/mK]
0.005 0.48 0.10


* Measured by steady heat flow method/Sample size/Clamp strength/Heater temperature.

180° peeling strength in various temperatures (against stainless-steel)


Temperature Adhesive Strength
10℃ 3.3
23℃ 5.0
40℃ 4.5
60℃ 3.7
80℃ 3.3


  • * Measured by peeling in 180° direction at a speed of 300mm/min., with PET #25 backing, and at 23℃.
  • * Tapes are applied and peeled at temperatures shown above.


Product No. Tape Thickness[mm]
No.5600 0.005
No.5601 0.01
No.5603 0.03
No.5605 ※Black Type:No.5605BN 0.05
No.5606 ※Black Type:No.5606BN 0.06
No.5608 ※Black Type:No.5608BN 0.08
No.5610 0.10
No.5612 0.12
No.5615 ※Black Type:No.5615BN 0.15
No.5620A 0.20


  • Fixing of various sheets and film materials inside LCD backlight modules of smartphones and other devices.
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