Transparent Conductive Film ELECRYSTA

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Conductive film through which light can pass.

Transparent conductive film "ELECRYSTA" conducts light and electricity. Nitto's proprietary technologies, such as coating and lamination technologies, have been integrated to achieve high transparency and low resistance values.Nitto contributes to the high functionality of our customers' products by designing films that combine various coating layers.


  • Our unique spatter deposition method ensures excellent adhesion between the ITO (Indium-Tin Oxide) film and polyester substrate.
  • Among other metal oxide conductive materials, ITO has the best transparency and conductivity that assure high transparency and surface conductivity.
  • Good mechanical and chemical properties, dimensional stability against heat and excellent durability.
  • Excellent workability for etching.
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  • Touch panels, Solar cells, Light control devices, etc.


Nitto designs highly functional films by combining various coating layers.For example, the optical adjustment layer is designed to make ITO wiring less noticeable.In addition, an anti-blocking layer on the back of the film prevents the film from sticking to each other and scratching.

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