Thermal Release Tape For Hard Substrate NWS-TS322F

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Capable of processing brittle wafer.
Capable of releasing/collecting semiconductor wafers at any stage by constant support of the semiconductor wafer using a supporting wafer. Especially recommended for semiconductor wafer backgrind processing.


  • Extremely thin grinding capability.
  • Eliminates warping and sagging by firmly supporting the wafer.
  • Easily releases at any time with heat treatment.



Product No. NWS-TS322F
Thickness [μm] 148
Adhesive strength of thermal release adhesive
(normal state) [N/20mm] (to silicon)
Adhesive strength of thermal release adhesive
(after heat treatment) [N/20mm] (to silicon)
0.2 or Less
Adhesive strength of pressure-sensitive adhesive
[N/20mm] (to silicon)



  • * The figures are a sample of observed values, not guaranteed performance.

Process Flow


* After removing this tape, ultralow-volume materials (organic elements) from the adhesive sheet may remain on the substrate. Particles tend to remain, especially on silicon wafers. Please confirm that residual material or particles do not cause problems with the application.

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