Thermal Release Sheet for Electronic Component Processing REVALPHA

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Tightly adheres and can easily be peeled off just by heating; perfect for temporary fixing.

The thermal release tape "REVALPHA" is a unique adhesive tape that adheres tightly at room temperature and can easily be peeled off just by heating. The tape contributes significantly to automation/laborsaving of various electronic component manufacturing processes.


  • Adheres just like any normal adhesive tape at room temperature; can easily be peeled off when necessary by just heating.
  • Various shapes available such as in sheets, rolls and labelers.
  • Available to select temperatures for releasing.
  • Contributes to automation/laborsaving since the tape can be removed at a uniform temperature.
  • Does not damage substrates upon tape removal.

Example of changes i adhesive strength by temperatures

Example of heating method

Standard condition of heating :100-120℃X 1min.
The best heating condition of this product will differ depending on your using methods. For details, please contact our technical support or Sales Division.



  • For electronic component manufacturing processes.
  • For various temporary fixing.


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