Surface Protective Materials E-MASK™ RB-S Series

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Surface protective materials with an antistatic properties that are ideal for applications that do not tolerate static electricity such as LCD panels.

E-MASK RB-S Series of surface protective materials developed for optical films such as LCD polarizing film prevents static electricity produced. Offers stable adhesion and easy peeling.


  • It has good initial lamination level and light peeling force.
  • Minimal change in adhesive strength following application ensures easy peeling.
  • Offers superior dustproofness when unwinding.


Item Thickness [mm] *1 Adhesive strength [N/20mm] *2
E-MASK™ RB-100S 0.045 0.05
E-MASK™ RB-200S 0.15
E-MASK™ RB-300S 0.050 0.35



[Test method]

*1: Nominal thickness
*2: Adherent: Acrylic plate


  • Surface protective for optical films such as polarizing films. (during LCD shipping)
  • Applications that do not permit attraction of dust and dirt due to static electricity produced when applying or peeling the tape.


  • Avoid sunlight and store at room temperature and moderate humidity.
  • Do not press too strong when applying. This may cause the end of the tape to peel.
  • If applying to surfaces treated with machining oil, degrease the surface carefully. Any remains will be a cause for surface contamination or adhesive residue.
  • For use under severe conditions, please test and evaluate the product thoroughly beforehand.
  • Painting, plating, etching, or gluing the surface after peeling the tape may be troublesome due to the small amount of residue of the adhesive. Please inspect under actual situations thoroughly before application.
  • Painted boards, depending on conditions such as paint baking, may cause the tape to peel uneasily or peel off the paint together. Please evaluate thoroughly beforehand.
  • Surface treated boards such as alumite, depending on treatment conditions, may show different properties (peeling) of SPV. Please evaluate thoroughly beforehand.
  • Especially for applications against natural substrate (marble stone, lumber, etc) please contact our sales representative in charge.
  • The above datasheet is a sample observation value under certain testing conditions, not guaranteed performance.
  • The quality, performance, and/or functions of this product will differ according to the conditions of use. Please contact our department in charge for full details of this product.
  • Under severe conditions, this product may show difference between the sample observed values and the actual performance. Please test and evaluate the product thoroughly for your safety and better results.
  • This product and/or its features may change or be discontinued without any prior notice.
  • The intellectual property rights of this document belongs to Nitto Denko Corporation. Please contact our department in charge for usage not in accordance of the intended use. Copying and/or reproducing the document without notice are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


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