Strong Adhesion to Various Types of Substrate and Curved Surfaces VR-5300/VR-5300H/VR-5000/VR-5000T

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By using a special rubber adhesive, this double sided tape can be used various substrates such as not only metal or plastic, but also polyolefin materials, rubber or elastomer etc. Has high adhesion, as well as superior for adhesion the curved surfaces.


  • This special rubber adhesive is used for strong adhesion to various types of substrate.
  • Provides excellent repulsion resistance (adhesion to curved surfaces).
  • Does not contain the 10 substances restricted by RoHS Directive.

Adhesive Strength

Adhesion of VR-5300 is nearly double than general double sided tape.


General tape


VR-5300 VR-5300H VR-5000 VR-5000T
Thickness[mm] 0.14 0.10 0.14 0.30
180° peeling force  [N/20mm] 30.0 25.0 30.0 50.0
Carrier PET film Non-woven fabric

*Measured by peeling in a 180° direction at a speed of 300 mm/min at 23℃ with 0.025 mm PET lining.
*The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.

Repulsion resistance

  VR-5300 VR-5300H VR-5000 VR-5000T General Double Sided Tape
Distance floated [mm] 0 0 0 0 >10



  • Fixing parts of digital camera・・・High adhesion to rubber
  • Fixing brash of vacum cleaner・・・High adhesion without primer
  • Fixing parts of toner cartridges・・・High repulsion resistance


[Usage Precautions]

  • Make sure to remove any oils, moisture, dust, etc. from the substrate.
  • As this is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, make sure to thoroughly use a roller or press for crimping. If crimping is not performed thoroughly enough, its properties and external view may be negatively affected. 
  • Clean adhesion may not occur if a surface is highly irregular or warped. Smooth it out as much as possible.
  • It takes a little time for the tape's original adhesive strength to take full effect, so avoid placing or using the tape in a situation in which a lot of strength is needed until several hours have passed from the time of attachment.

[Storage Precautions]

  • Make sure to store this product in a box.
  • Avoid storing in high-temperature or high-moisture areas. This product should be stored in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight.
  • Please use this tape within 6 months of storage.

[Safety Precautions]

  • Take a careful consideration if this product is adapted to the use, purpose and condition before using. The tape may peel in some cases depending on substrate and attachment conditions.
  • When using this product in areas that may pose a risk of accident, use together with a different joining method.
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