Rocol Moisture Guard Clear Spray 400ml Aerosol



Rocol Moisture Guard Clear Spray 400ml Aerosol

Rocol Moisture Guard Spray is a thin, almost dry corrosion preventative film. It is suitable for the temporary indoor protection of components such as bearings, gears, pressings and any machined metal product which requires protection from corrosive attack - whether in storage, transit or between operations.
  • Protects against condensation attack
  • Does not attract dirt or dust
  • Silicone free
  • Flexible film
  • ROCOL® Moisture Guard
  • Clear
  • Spray 400ml Aerosol
Directions for Use

Shake well, hold upright and spray from a distance of approximately 15-30cm (6-12 inches). One pass usually provides sufficient protection. Ensure adequate ventilation. Do not spray onto naked flame or any incandescent material.
N.B. Test compatibility with painted or coated surfaces, plastics and rubbers if the product is liable to come into contact with these materials.
Description of first aid measures
  • Skin contact: Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. Consult a doctor.
  • Eye contact: Bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes. Consult a doctor.
  • Ingestion: Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. Consult a doctor.
  • Inhalation: Remove casualty from exposure ensuring one's own safety whilst doing so. Consult a doctor.
Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed
  • Skin contact: There may be irritation and redness at the site of contact.
  • Eye contact: There may be irritation and redness. The eyes may water profusely.
  • Ingestion: There may be soreness and redness of the mouth and throat. May cause dizziness.
  • Inhalation: There may be irritation of the throat with a feeling of tightness in the chest. Drowsiness
    or mental confusion may occur.
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