Re-peelable Strong Adhesive Double Sided Tape Using Thick Unwoven Fabric No.5000ND

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Product catch-phrase This thick, double sided tape offers remarkable adhesive strength for a wide-range of substrates. It is reusable, and can even stick well to rough surfaces.


  • 5000ND offers excellent adhesion during light crimping, and rough surfaces.
  • It can be used under a wide range of operating temperatures for various applications, with remarkable part fixing performance.
  • Extra-strong, nonwoven fabric gives the tape remarkable tensile strength, with very little residue when reworked, and it does not tear easily.
  • Does not contain the 10 substances restricted by RoHS Directive.


*Tape thickness excludes thickness of release liner.



Substrate Peelability Adhesive residue
Stainless sheet
Aluminum sheet
PCABS sheet
ABS sheet

Peel property determination

  • ○ : Peels without tearing
  • × : Tears when peeled
[Peel property test method]

Lining material: 5mm thick foam
Tape width: 3mm
Curing conditions: 60℃/90% RHx15 days
Tension speed: 300mm/min
Peeling angle: 90°

Adhesive residue determination

○ : No adhesive residue
× : Lots of adhesive residue

[Adhesive residue test method]

  • Lining material: PET#25
  • Tape width: 20mm
  • Curing conditions: 60℃/90% RHx15 days
  • Tension speed: 300mm/min
  • Peeling angle: 180°


180° peeling strength - By substrate

(Unit: N/20mm)

Substrate No.5000ND
Stainless sheet 17.0
Aluminum sheet 17.0
Polypropylene sheet 14.5
ABS sheet 15.5
Acrylic sheet 16.0
PCABS sheet 15.5
Polystyrene sheet 16.0
Polycarbonate sheet 17.0
PET sheet 17.0
Glass 17.0
HIPS sheet 17.0
Foam (ester) 15.0
Foam (ether) 10.0


  • Specimen: 20mm width
  • Lining material: PET#25
  • Crimping method: reciprocating 2kg roller 1 cycle
  • Crimping temp: 23℃/50%RH
  • Curing conditions: 23℃/50%RH×30min
  • Tension speed: 300mm/min
  • Pulling angle: 180°
  • Measurement temp: 23℃/50%RH



  • For general adhesion to metal sheets, plastic sheets, urethane foam bodies, etc.
  • For adhesion to office automation equipment, such as printers and copy machines, as well as urethane cushioning or sealing materials used in household appliances such as TVs and air conditioners.
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