Polarizing Film NPF™

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Standard for optical films for displays

NPF*1 (Nitto Polarizing Film) is a polarizing film for displays such as OLED*2 and LCD*3.This product is excellent in transparency, reliability, and workability, and we also provide integrated processed products with various films*4.We respond to customer needs with an extensive lineup of displays, including smartphones, PC monitors, and automotive products.

*1:NPF is a registered trademark of Polarizer manufactured by Nitto Denko Corporation.
*2:Organic Light Emitting Diode
*3:Liquid Crystal Display
*4:Brightness enhancement films (APCF), Phase contrast materials, Viewing angle compensating films, etc.



Type Single transmittance (%) Polarizing efficiency (%) Hue a (NBS) Hue b (NBS)
HDZQ Highly durable polarizer for automotive use. 41.8 99.99 -1.7 4.1
REGQ General-purpose polarizers for displays. 45.0 97.00 -0.8 1.5

*Please contact us for more information about our lineup.
*The values above are measurement examples only, and are not guaranteed.

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