PET-based Double Sided Tape with Both Shading and Reflection Property No.5680E/No.5682E

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Double sided adhesive tape with a special substrate which has excellent light shielding properties.


  • Features a black and white special substrate; the white side absorbs almost no light.
  • The adhesive exhibits high adhesion to various adherends.
  • Halogen free. (*Chlorine compounds are purposely not used.)



Product No. Thickness [mm] 180° peeling strength [N/20mm]
(to stainless steel)
Holding strength [mm]
No.5680E 0.085 15.0 0.2
No.5682E 0.06 13.0 0.3


  • *1 Measured by peeling in a 180° direction at a speed of 300 mm/min with 0.025 mm PET lining.
  • *2 Substrate: phenol resin plate; deviation distance was measured after 1 hour of 500 gram loading at 40℃.
  • *The figures are a sample of observed values, not guaranteed performance.


  • Fixing of LCDs and backlight modules.
  • Fixing and blocking light of backlight LCDs.
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