Oxidation Polymerized Outdoor Anti-corrosion-corrosion Tape NITOHULLMAC™ XG Series

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“Stick-on Corrosion Protection Paint!” Oxidation Polymerized Heavy Duty Anti-Corrosion Tape

The NITOHULLMAC XG Series is made of a plastic base nonwoven fabric impregnated with a compound which has a specially compounded drying oil as its main ingredient. Through oxidation polymerization, this compound forms a surface film which delivers outstanding corrosion and weather resistance. Since this material is extremely pliable, it only needs to be applied and smoothed down to adhere tightly to any location, regardless of the shape.This simple application forms an outstanding anti-corrosion and corrosion protection layer. *We recommend that NITOHULLMAC XG Series products be used together. This includes the anti-corrosion tape, under-coat material, filler material, and top coat material.

Installation Video

See how NITOHULLMAC™ XG Series is installed.

Straight pipe
Around a tank base



Easy to apply, with remarkable workability

  • Extremely pliable, so it fits any complex shape precisely.
  • Application is accomplished simply by affixing, or wrapping, then smoothing it down.
  • Changes in viscosity due to low and high temperatures are minimal, and workability does not vary between summer and winter.

Gives outstanding anti-corrosion

  • The adhesive strength of this compound shuts out moisture and air from metallic surfaces.

Flame resistant

  • Conforms to criteria by Fire and Disaster Management Agency in Japan.

General Characteristics 

Item Units NITOHULLMAC™ XG Test Method
Thickness µm 1100 AWWA C217-09
Weight kg/m2 1.7 -
Tensile strength N/m 6823 AWWA C217-09 / ASTM D10000
Elongation % 14 AWWA C217-09 / ASTM D10000
Water absorption ratio % 0.5 24h water immersion
Insulation resistance Ω・m2 3.0×106 JIS Z 1902
Volume resistivity Ω・cm 1.0×1011 JIS K 6911
Adhesive strength N/25mm 24 JIS Z 1902
Flame Resistance - Pass Criteria by Fire and Disaster Management Agency in Japan
Heat resistance 90 5 years' continuous use
Salt water spray 2,000h No occurence of rust JIS Z 1902
Weather Ability 2,000h No occurence of rust Sunshine Weatherometer
Drop melting point of saturant, (minimum) Over 100 AWWA C217-09 / ASTM D127
  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.

Salt Water Spray Test

1.Appearance after 2,000 hours of the salt water spray test.

2.After peeling off the tape

3.After removing compound

  • Test Method
    IOS Salt Water Spray
    Tester Test Time:2,000h
  • Test Evaluation
    Appearance after Test:
    [Result]No occurrence of rust
    Appearance after peeling off the tape:
    [Result]No occurrence of rust


Category Function Product No. Specification Standard Quality Used Featured, Applications
Main Material Anti-corrosion Tapes NITOHULLMAC™ XG Thickness x Width x Length / Quantity
1.1㎜×  50mm×10m×
  • Anti-corrosion tape for outdoor steel structures.
  • A film is formed by oxidation polymerization
  • Outstanding conformity to irregular shapes and weather resistance.
Supplementary Materials Undercoat Materials NITOHULLMAC™ XG-PN Weight×Quantity
  • Undercoat material which is effective in preventing corrosion of steel surfaces.
  • This has the effect of improving the adhesion of tape.
NITOPRIMER AF Weight×Quantity
  • Undercoat material for use on concrete and mortar surfaces.
  • This has the effect of improving the adhesion of tape.
Filler Materials NITOHULLMAC™ XG-M Weight x Quantity
2kg x 10Pc / Case
Thickness x Width x Length
25mm x 250mm x 200mm / 1Pc
  • For irregularly shaped parts such as flanges.
  • A white clay consistency.
Top Coat Materials NITOHULLMAC™ XG-T Weight x Quantity
4kg x 4Bags / Can / Case
  • Top coat material applied over the outdoor anti-corrosion tape.
  • Forms a film in a short period of time and prevents the adhesion of dust, etc.
  • Has the effect of heightening the tape's anti-corrosion and weather resistance.



  • Primarily used as a long-term anti-corrosion (heavy corrosion protection) measure for outdoor steel structures.
  Bridge Piping
Abutment Base
Around a Tank Base (to prevent rain water penetration)
Outdoor Piping
Under-bridge Piping
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