Optional equipments

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Peeler: optional for both SI600 and SL.

Used with SI600 and SL to peel off labels.

Cutter: optional for both SI600 and SL.

Automatically cuts printed labels one at a time, or after printing the last label of multiple labels print job. (Batch processing type)

External roll holder.

The external holder enables SI600 and SL to use wider label rolls ( 250mm and 214mm respectively).

Cleaning roller unit: optional for SI600.

Removes dust from label surface to improve print quality.


Individual Units

Re-winder (rewinds labels)

Rewinds continuously printed labels automatically. (Batch processing type)

Dispenser (automatic label peeler)

Peels off individual labels from roll of printed labels wound on the Re-winder. Facilitates label pickup. (Batch processing type)

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