Multi-adhesive Tape with Different Adhesive Properties NF Tape

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This multi-functional tape combines the properties of different adhesives, such as strong and weak adhesives, into a single product.

This technique involves "zone coating" one roll of tape with a strong adhesive, combined with an adhesive that can be applied and removed numerous times. This multi-functional tape makes it possible to coat the desired level of adhesion, length and area.


  • This multi-functional tape combines the properties of different adhesives, such as strong and weak adhesives, into a single product.
  • Eco-friendly adhesives are used, which do not include solvents.
  • Unique technologies enable us to exclusively coat striped or divided zones with adhesive.


Zone coating techniques

  • This multi-functional tape is coated with more than one adhesive type, such as strong and weak adhesives, to meet various needs. We say "such as" but it is a fact not an example. This multi-functional tape is coated with two adhesive strengths, one side is coated with a strong adhesive and the other with a weaker adhesive. This type of system allows more application options.
  • Selecting adhesives with different properties widens the potential for various functions to work together.


Reusable tape for sealing wet wipes

Multi-functional NF tape features a left side with strong adhesive for durability, and a right side that can be reapplied multiple times, useful for sealing packages and reusable tape.

Reusable tape for sealing sanitary napkins

Reusable tape for sealing urine absorption pad adult diapers


  • If oil, moisture, dust, etc. is adhered to the sticky surface, it may not work to its full potential, so please store carefully.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated area at room temperature with normal humidity.
  • For quality and safety in various applications, please fully confirm compatibility with your products before use.
  • Long-term use under severe conditions may lead to deterioration. Once the product is delivered, please use it within the term of guarantee. This data sheet provides product measurement values under certain conditions only. These values are not guaranteed in every circumstance.
  • The quality, performance, and functionality of this product will differ depending on your conditions of use. For details, please contact our products division.
  • Manufacturing of this product may be halted, or its specifications may be altered, at any time without prior notice.
  • Intellectual assets related to this text are held by Nitoms, Inc. If this text is to be used for reasons unrelated to the purpose intended by our company, please contact our products division to discuss it in advance. Unauthorized copy or reproduction of this text is strictly prohibited.
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