Low VOC double sided tape EW-514 has excellent adhesion to curved surfaces of rough materials and adhesion in low temperatures.

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  • Fixing of onto curved surfaces such as urethane foam and nonwoven fabric.
  • Used for air tightness purposes in many automotive interior parts since it reduces VOC as well as odors and fogging.

Awarded the 46th “Environmental Award” Excellent Award in Japan.


  • Organic solvents, for example toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, are not contained. 
  • Double sided tape  emits minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC). 
  • Meets the guideline values for the emission of 13 VOCs designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • Non-woven fabric carrier allows for superior adherence and followability to substrates.   
  • Excellent adhesion and repulsion resistance to foam, nonwoven fabrics, and plastics.
  • Does not contain the 10 substances restricted by RoHS Directive


*Tape thickness is without release liner [NITTO DENKO Low VOCs ] is printed on release liner



  • Fixing of sound-absorption materials for automobile interior parts.
  • Fixing for cushioning of home electric appliances / OA equipments.   
  • Fixing of plastic display plate.
  • Fixing of bonding films or paper.
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