Loctite RC15 Compact Rotor Pump Controller 1880232

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The LOCTITE RC15 Rotor Pump Controller is designed for precise control of the LOCTITE Compact Micro Pump Dispenser 1.0, or the LOCTITE Compact Rotor Pump Dispenser 4.0.

The LOCTITE® RC15 Rotor Pump Controller is a volumetric dispensing system designed for the precise control of the LOCTITE® Compact Micro Pump Dispenser 1.0, item #1741601 (flow rate of 0.0012 - 1.48 ml/min), or the LOCTITE® Compact Rotor Pump Dispenser 4.0, item #1196160 (flow rate of 0.05 - 6.0 ml/min). The product supply to the dispenser can be from any standard (100 psi) fluid reservoir. Regulated compressed air and control signals are provided to the reservoirs through the RC15. When dispensing into cylindrical bores is necessary, the LOCTITE® Electric Rotorspray (item #135557), can be integrated into the system and operated via the RC15 Pump Controller. Three (3) programs can be stored in the RC15 Pump Controller for different dispensing applications and can be activated over digital start signals via a superior PLC. The RC15 Pump Controller provides digital signals, such as the status of dispensing and the actual fill level to the PLC. When working in a manual workplace without using a PLC, the RC15 Pump Controller can be started via foot switch. There are three (3) different modes of operation (Quantity, Time, Start/Stop), which can be set up easily using the touch screen. Dispensing parameters such as flow rate, suck-back volume, and flow rate for the suck-back, are adjustable.
  • Specifically designed for precise control of LOCTITE Rotor Pumps
  • Three (3) Operation Modes: Quantity, Time, and Start-Stop

Technical Information

Applications Dispensing Adhesives
Dispense patterns Beads, Drops, Potting
Key characteristics Vacuum Suck-Back
Operating type Volumetric
Used to dispense Acrylics, Anaerobics, Light Cure Acrylics
Viscosity 0.0 - 100000.0 mPa·s
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