Loctite Poxy Pak Fast Cure Epoxy 1324007 (25ml)

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LOCTITE® EA 9017 (known as FIXMASTER® FAST CURE POXY PAK™ EPOXY) is a 2-part, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive used for high strength, permanent bonding of metals, ceramics, concrete, wood, glass and most plastics. This product can withstand temperatures up to +300 °F (+149 °C).

  • Premeasured resin and hardener for easy application, consistent strength and time savings - no waste, no mess, no clumping
  • Bonds virtually any material
  • Repair, fill and seal holes, cracks and worn surfaces
  • May be drilled, tapped, sanded, or machined and painted after cure
  • Reaches handling strength in 4 to 6 mins, fully cures in 45 to 60 mins
  • Easy to use in a syringe applicator
  • Storage Temperature : 46 - 69 °F
  • Key Substrates : Ceramic, Concrete, Glass, Plastic, Wood
  • Curing Type : Room Temperature (Ambient) Cure
  • Application : Bonding
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