Loctite Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensing Retainer 300ml 945900

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The Loctite 945900 is a dispensing retainer for use with loctite precision syringe dispenser (97006), loctite digital syringe dispenser (883976), loctite foot pedal dispenser with vacuum (98050), loctite foot pedal dispenser without vacuum (98049).

The Loctite 945900 Specifications:
  • Accessory Type: Dispensing Retainer
  • For Use With: Loctite Precision Syringe Dispenser (97006), Loctite Digital Syringe Dispenser (883976), Loctite Foot Pedal Dispenser with Vacuum (98050), Loctite Foot Pedal Dispenser without Vacuum (98049)
  • Size: 300ml
  • Length: 10in
  • Width: 2.5in

Air input pressure, Recommended: 0.0 psi - 70.0 psi

Applications: Dispensing Adhesives

Fluid pressure, Recommended: 0.0 psi - 60.0 psi

Key characteristics, Recommended: Viscosity: Low to High Viscosity

Used to dispense, Recommended: Cyanoacrylates-Gel, Gasket Sealants / Flange Sealants, Light Cure Acrylics, Silicones

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