Loctite EQ CL 15 UV Wand System



Loctite EQ CL 15 UV Wand System

LOCTITE EQ CL 15 UV Wand System is a high output, 100 watt, mercury arc spot curing system. The system accepts universal AC input power (90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz.). The system can be operated in either timed, manual, or cycle mode. The LOCTITE EQ CL15 UV Wand System is PLC compatible, allowing it to be easily integrated into automated production systems. Item # 98850 PRODUCT FEATURES Powerful mercury arc lamp provides up to 15 watts/cmsq. Manual, timed, or cycle shutter operation. Complete cycle control - settable parameters include: UV exposure time (shutter open) Dwell time (shutter closed) Number of cycles (continuous cycling) Can be operated from an external PLC. Small footprint and lightweight. Shutter is operated by a reliable rotary solenoid. Lamp is disabled if the enclosure lid is removed. Light guide interlock safety switch prevents accidental UV exposure if the light guide is not installed. Internal dichroic mirror minimizes the transmission of heat caused by "waste energy" while allowing critical UV light to pass. Light guide receptacle with screw lock allows proper balancing of multi-pole lightguides. No additional balancing adapter required. Need to measure UV irradiance of your curing process? Click here for our UV Spot Radiometer, item # 1406024 . Great for quality control and process validation. Requires lightguide 983677 , 983684 , or 951681 - sold separately. Includes Footswitch #97201
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