LOCTITE® Static Mix Nozzles for Dual Cartridges

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LOCTITE® static mix nozzles (B & S-System, 10/12/50ml) have been rigorously tested to provide the best performance and mix ratio of 2-part adhesives. Choose from a variety of nozzles. We offer both the traditional helical (round or standard) style, and the shorter, waste-reducing square (quadro) style. You can also take your pick from multiple mix ratios, elements and tip styles, including luer-tipped nozzles for precision dispensing with needles. Good to know: · Make sure you select the correct nozzle to ensure proper mixing based on adhesive ratio · B & S-system nozzles are threaded, screw-on, single-outlet nozzles for 10/12/50 ml dual cartridges You may also need: For 50ml: LOCTITE® Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator (50ml)

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