LOCTITE® Pulse RC50 Integrated Dispenser, I4.0

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The LOCTITE Pulse RC50 Integrated Dispenser with Industry 4.0 function combines both a dispense controller and a dispense reservoir into a single unit.

The LOCTITE® Pulse RC50 Integrated Dispenser, I4.0 provides two (2) independent digital timing channels that provide control of two (2) pneumatic outputs. These outputs can be used to control dispense valves or any LOCTITE® automatic dispense valve or pneumatic handheld applicator. The controller can be actuated either by the start/stop button on the front touch panel, a foot switch (included), or external start signal. It can operate in a timed or continuous mode for dot or bead dispensing applications. The reservoir can accommodate 250ml, 500 g, 1 liter, 2 kg and 200 g adhesive packages which deliver adhesive to dispensing valves. The dispenser is suitable for manual workstations as well as integration into automated production lines. The dispenser is Industry 4.0 compatible, providing enhanced communication/connectivity via Ethernet, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.
  • Integrated reservoir and controller solution in one system


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