Kraft Paper Packaging Tape No.7170N (Trio, High-Function Type)

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Offers new 3 features: overlap taping, nonslip, and can write letters on the surface.

While convenient as conventional kraft paper packaging tapes, it can also be overlapped, can write letters on the surface with oil-based ink, and the backside of the tape is nonslip. Contains no ungreen organic solvent.


Product No. No.7170N
Thickness[mm] 0.14
Adhesive strength[N/25mm] 8.30
Holding power[mm/30min] 0.1
Unwinding force[N/25mm] 0.8
Tensile strength[N/25mm] 170
Elongation[%] 7


  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


Product No. No.7170N
50m roll
500m roll
Color Cardboard brown



Size Quantity [rolls]
Length [m] Width [mm] No.7170N
50 25 100
38 60
50 50
60 40
75 30
500 50 5


  • *The above figures are numbers in a package, not the standard stock quantity.
  • *For other sizes and stocks, please contact us or Customer Service Center.
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