Holding™ Tape No.3800A/No.3800B

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Tape for temporary fixing that hardly contaminates adherend.

Tape for temporary fixing using polyester film as base material. As adhesive does not contaminate adherend, it is suitable for temporarily holding or fixing parts of electric appliances/office equipments.


Product No. No.3800A No.3800B
Thickness[mm] 0.070 0.080
Adhesive strength[N/25mm] 8.30 7.60 9.00
Overlap Adhesive strength[N/25mm] 0.10 6.50
Holding power[mm/60 min] 0.2
Unwinding force[N/25mm] 0.5 2.7
Tensile strength[N/25mm] 175 215
Elongation[%] 100
Base material Polyester


  • *The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.


Product No. No.3800A No.3800B
Base material 0.038 0.05 0.05
50m roll
Printing -
Color Light blue Light blue/Orange


  • *Printing is not available.


Size Quantity [rolls]
Length [m] Width [mm] No.3800A No.3800B
50 12 200
19 130
25 100
40 60
50 50
60 40


  • *The above figures are numbers in a package, not the standard stock quantity.
  • *For other sizes and stocks, please contact us.


  • For temporary fixing of electric appliance part or office equipments while in transportation
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