High Density and Precision Flexible Printed Circuit

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Super-fine features created from a combination of circuit production technology and designing technology. We will meet the line pitch requirement by utilizing these two processing technologies.



  • High resolution etching technology enables high aspect ratio line processing.


  • Because the conductor shape is not trapezoidal, top width is maintained even at fine pitch.
  • No need to make the conductor thin to gain top width.

Specs and Technical info

Subtractive process

Conductor thickness Nominal width Etch factor
12μm[1/3oz] Line/Space=25/25μm(Precision:<5μm) Over 3


Semi-additive process

Conductor thickness Nominal width Etch factor
<15μm(Precision:<4μm) Line/Space=20/20μm(Precision:<3μm)



  • For liquid crystal module applications.


  • *The figures are typical test results, and are not guaranteed values.
  • *Application samples are only examples. Please evaluate the actual product thoroughly before usage.
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