Environmentally friendly single sided tape HF-105E is flexible, hand-cuttable, and capable of following the surface of substrate.

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・Since it can be easily cut by hand, it has excellent workability and is suitable for adhesion to rough surfaces such as urethane foam and non-woven fabric.
・Fixing for harnesses for automobile roof materials.
Awarded the 46th “Environmental Award” Excellent Award in Japan.


  • The adhesive does not contain any organic solvents (such as toluene, xylene, or ethyl acetate).
  • Single sided tape emits minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC).  
  • Meets the guideline values for the emission of 13 VOCs designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • Uses a flexible and hand-cuttable PP base material, and it nicely adapts to and follows the surface of the substrate.
  • This tape is good performance for rough surface, low-Temp.  
  • Ten restricted substances by RoHS are not contained. 


*[NItto Low VOCs] is printed on base film


It has good followability to irregularities and steps.

It also has hand-cutting properties, so it can be used with good workability.


  • Fixing of wire harnesses used in automobiles, home appliances, OA equipment, housing equipment, etc.
  • Fixing to uneven surfaces such as floors and carpets.
  • Can be used as tape to mark social distancing on flooring such as carpet.
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