Environmental Harmony Type Halogen-free FPC

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An environmentally-friendly halogen free FPC attaining high grade of flame-resistance (under UL94VTM-O) without the use of halogens or antimony as the flame retardant.


  • Halogen free
  • Flame-resistant
  • Migration-resistant


Typical properties

  • Typical properties are nearly equal to that of a conventional halogen type.

General properties

Property Unit Halogen free (New type) Halogen (Conventional type)
Peel Strength N/cm 8.0 11.0
Solder dip.(10sec.) 260 260
Surface resistivity Ω 1.0×1011 1.2×1011
olding endurance (0.38R,5N) cycle 1048 965
UL94 flame class - VTM-0 V-0
UL MAX. oper temp. 105 105
UL Mark - N・H1 1~4 N・F6 1~4
UL File No. - E191385 E191493


Halogen content (measured values)

Halogen Maximum values specified by JPCA New type (Halogen free)
Br <0.09wt% N.D.
Cl <0.09wt% 0.03wt%

Migration properties

  • Exhibits good results for migration tests under high temperature, high humidity.

[Remarks] Fig.1 Migration Test (80℃,90%RH) Fig.2 Migration Test (85℃,85%RH) (Space width:100μm/Applied voltage:100V)

Folding endurance properties

  • Equal level of MIT folding endurance as conventional halogen type.


- 1 2 3 4 5 average σ
Halogen Free (New type) 896 939 1251 1123 1030 1048 143
Halogen (Cenventional type) 834 828 1103 971 1087 965 132



  • Cellular phone, personal computer and supplies.


  • *The figures are typical test results, and are not guaranteed values.
  • *Application samples are only examples. Please evaluate the actual product thoroughly before usage.
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