Double Sided Tape That Adheres Well to a Diverse Range of Substrates, Under a Wide Range of Temperature No.501F

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Double-adhesive tape for general purposes. No.501F is a double sided adhesive tape with a flexible nonwoven base material and acrylic adhesive, and is widely used for bonding paper, film, and other materials.


  • Easy to use for a wide range of applications, as adhesion strength does not vary significantly according to the material of the surface.
  • The tape's adhesiveness is adjusted for easy workability.



180° peeling adhesive strength by different surface material


Substrate Adhesive strength
Stainless steel plate 7.2
Aluminum plate 6.8
ABS board 6.0


  • * Measured by peeling in a 180° direction at a speed of 300 mm/min at 23℃ with 0.025 mm PET lining.
  • * The figures are typical test results, and are not guaranteed values.


  • Daily office work.
  • Splicing sheet material such as paper and/or film.
  • Securing light weight plates.


  • * Application samples are only examples. Please evaluate the actual product thoroughly before usage.
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