Double-coated adhesive tapes GA606

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For bonding various components in home appliances. Adheres well to plastic molding, insulation film, name plates, foam and metal platings. Designed for superior bonding reliability and performance.


  • Offers great initial tack and bonding.
  • Provides superior bonding reliability and component bonding performance for all type of substrates.
  • Proves to be highly workable.
  • The six hazardous materials restricted by the RoHS directive are not compounded.



  • Bonding of metal, plastic and other various components
  • Bonding display nameplates and other such applications where bonding is needed.


Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length [m]
0.10 5 to 1200 50

*For other sizes, please contact us.


180 degree peeling adhesive strength

Substance Measurement standard
Stainless Steel Plate     15
Aluminium Plate 14
Poly Proplylene Plate 10
ABS Plate 13
Acrylic Plate 14
Poly Styene Plate 15
Poly Carbonate Plate 15
Polyster Film 15
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