Devcon Epoxy Coat™ 7000 AR Grey



Devcon Epoxy Coat™ 7000 AR Grey

A 100% solids, 2-component Novalac
Epoxy, self-levelling, chemical-resistant

  • Excellent resistance to a range of
    acids including 98% Sulphuric.
  • Primary and secondary containment
    for aggressive chemicals.
  • Protecting floors from chemical
  • Approved in the U.S. for use in meat
    and poultry processing plants.
  • Accepted by Canadian Department
    of Agriculture Food Safety Service.

  • For METAL SURFACES, firstly degrease and then an
    abrasive blast to SA 2½, if conditions mean this is not
    practical then use of a wire brush or sandpaper to remove
    rust and scale from the surface to be protected is a bare
    minimum. This prep should be followed by dedusting before
    proceeding with the coating process.
  • For NEW POURED CONCRETE, allow to fully cure (28 days
    @ 70°F) prior to application. Remove any curing membrane
    and laitance by wet or dry abrasive blasting, high pressure
    water jetting or sanding An environmentally safe acid etch is
    also suitable.
  • For OLD CONCRETE, depending on previous use, thoroughly
    clean surface with a greasecutting detergent to remove
    grease and oils if required. Remove any loose or unsound
    concrete by scarifying, wet or dry abrasive blasting, high
    pressure water jetting sanding, or grinding.
  • For PREVIOUSLY COATED CONCRETE, it is recommended
    that any existing coating be completely removed in order
    that the concrete surface is exposed, any coating applied
    onto an existing coating could have an adverse reaction
    with it or reduce the bond strength of said original coating
    resulting in premature failure of the system.
  • For any concrete surface it is important to fill large holes
    and undertake appropriate crack repairs with a suitable
    patching compound before proceeding.
  • Devcon Concrete Sealer 100 or Epoxy Concrete Sealer can
    be applied to shot-blasted or etched concrete surfaces to
    seal prior to the application of other Devcon Floor Savers™
    products although it is not essential.

  1. Pour hardener into resin.
  2. Mix for about three minutes using a propeller-type Jiffy
    Mixer Model ES (or equivalent) until a uniform colour is


For best results, Epoxy Coat 7000 AR should be stored and
applied at room temperature.
Onto Steel the surface should be prepared as described
above and then the Epoxycoat 7000AR can be applied
by brush or roller to the desired thickness in the required
number of coats.
Onto concrete, Epoxy Coat 7000 AR can be applied by
squeegee for horizontal surfaces, then “back rolled” for a
smooth finish with a short or medium nap roller. For vertical
surfaces it can be applied by either brush or roller taking
care not to over apply or the finish will be left with runs in it.
Coverage will vary depending on surface condition.
Epoxy Coat 7000 AR produces a smooth finish, which can
be slippery, especially when wet. As such for any walkways
it is recommended that a non-skid aggregate is added to
the coating. Cure figures quoted in the Product data section
are based on RT cure.

A shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacture can be
expected when stored at room temperature.

For complete safety and handling information, please refer
to Material Safety Data Sheets prior to using this product.

ITW Performance Polymers will replace any material found
to be defective. Because the storage, handling and application of this material is beyond our control we can accept no
liability for the results obtained.

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