Curing Tape No.395N

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Firmly adheres with almost no adhesive residue. Can be torn off quickly and neatly.


  • Leaves almost no adhesive residue

*The above values are sample observed values, not the guaranteed performance.

  • Fastens curing paper securely and tightly.

On corrugated surface of curing paper.

To fasten the curing paper on the floor.

On resilient plywood.

  • Also sticks firmly on polyethylene-laminated curing paper.
  • Contains no heavy metal such as halogen, sulfur, or lead.
  • * Please avoid use on plain wood, vinyl chloride material, stone materials such as marble, or dressed lumber.
  •   When using on solid wood, please check carefully beforehand since adhesive residue is possible depending on the material.
  • * Depending on the material of the substrate, period of application, and environment, damage to substrate and adhesive residue may occur. Please check carefully before use. 


Property Characteristic value
Thickness [mm] 0.126
Adhesive strength [N/25mm] Flooring 8.6
Curing board 4.1
Constant load peeling[Cm/Hr] Curing board 1
Resiliency test[Cm/Hr] Curing board 0.5
Adhesive resid WOM 120Hr OK
Exposure at window OK
Chlorine content - Chlorine content



Width [mm] Length [m] Quantity
25 25 60
38 25 48
50 48
50 25 30
50 30
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