Cloth Packaging Tape No.770

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A cloth adhesive tape that uses PET wooly as a base material to further improve its cost effectiveness.

Cloth adhesive tape with superior cost performance, suitable for general packaging purposes such as sealing of cardboard or paper packaging material.It offers outstanding sealing properties even under low temperature. Also, the smooth texture improves usability.


Property Unit Characteristic value
Thickness mm 0.21
Adhesive strength N/25mm 7.70
Holding power mm/30min 2.0
Unwinding force N/25mm 5.2
Tensile strength N/25mm 90
Elongation % 9
Base material Warp: spun rayon,Weft: PET woolly


  • *The characteristic values are typical measurements, not guaranteed performance.


Product No. No.770
25m roll
50m roll -
Printing -
Coloring -
Color Cardboard color


  • *Printing and coloring are not available.


Size Quantity (rolls)
Length(m) Width(mm)
25 25 60
38 30
50 30
60 30
75 24
100 18
Color Cardboard color


  • *For other sizes, please contact us.
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