Clear molding compound for optical semiconductor NITORON T(NT) Series

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About the Product Guidance

NT Product Name (for Transfer)

Names of NT products for transfer have three parts connected by a hyphen as shown below. NT-XXX-ABBCC NT-XXXX-ABCC The first “NT” is an abbreviation for NITRON -TTM, which is Nitto’s optical semiconductor encapsulating transparent resin. The second part generally consists of 3 or 4 letters, and represents the product group with identical main material and composition. Products with the same letters will show similar major properties. If the last letter is either H or S (NT-300 Series) this shows the molding speed difference. The last part consists of 4 to 5 numbers, and indicates the color code, cut-off wavelength, and content of optical dispersant. See the following chart for descriptions.


IR Cut resin for Human Eye Ambient Sensor

Absorption Spectrum of a Visible Light Shielding Optical Semiconductor Sealing Resin

Line Up

About the NT-300 Series

Curing time Adhesion with chips Adhesion with the frame
Capable Good Excellent
H Series (2 minute curing type) Good NT-301H NT-300H NT-309H
Excellent NT-305H NT-304H NT-306H
S Series (45 second curing type) Good - NT-300S -
Excellent NT-307S NT-308S -


The official name for the products above have 4 or 5 numbers added (i.e. NT-3XXH-ABBCC). These numbers represent properties such as color phase, cut-off wavelength, and optical dispersant content rate. Products with reduced particles have the letter Q added (i.e. NT-3XXHQ-ABBCC).

Regarding the cleaning of the die for the NT-300, the following conditions are recommended.) Clean and deburr with a cleaning resin.) Then to condition the die, mold the conditioning resin* a few times.

* Conditioning resin: KNJ-P (Nitto Denko product)

Resin with Tranceparent Filler

Filler contents wt% 0 30 50
S.G. - 1.2 1.45 1.66
TG(DSC) Tmg C 152 150 151
CTE1 TMA ppm/C 64 52 43
CTE2 TMA ppm/C 170 142 12.5
Direct ray transmittance 650nm % 98.5 42.2 28.5
Total light transmittance 650nm % 94.2 91.8 90.6
Water Absorption 85C/85%RH,168hr wt% 1.83 1.29 0.99
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 0.2 0.26 0.34


  • *Transparent Filler can be a applled for NT-510 Series/600 Series/300 Series sofar. But other items is negotiable. 
  • *The above values are not specifications and cannot be guaranteed.
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