Thin Adhesive Tape with High-Strength Fluoroplastic (PTFE) Film NITOFLON™ No.923UT

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NO.923UT is an adhesive tape with thin fluoroplastic (PTFE) film with silicone adhesive. For thin adhesive tape with total thickness 0.04mm, excellent tensile strength with small elongation.Excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, and sliding property.


  • Thin adhesive tape with total thickness 0.04mm, and excellent tensile strength with small elongation.
  • Excellent properties for heat resistance, electric insulation, sliding property, water repellency, and releasability. 



  • Binding wiring cables for mobile devices(for protection and insulation)
  • Improve releasability during molding process
  • Electric insulation for cables and coils


Items Unit Characteristic value
Total Thickness mm 0.04
180° Peeling strength
(Substrate : Stainless steel)
N/19mm 3.7
Tensile strength N/19mm 65
Elongation % 45
Breakdown voltage kV 5.3
Flame resistance - UL510 Flame retardant (File No.E34833)
Color - Brown
Temperature Use Range -60~200

*This data represents examples of measured values, and not guaranteed values.

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Heat Resistance

Sliding Properties

Electrical Insulation

Chemical Resistance

Mold Release Properties

Weather Resistance

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