Surface Protection Film for Laser Processing LASERGUARD Series

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Nitto offers a "Total Solution for Laser Processing Surface Protection" with a wide-ranging lineup to choose from.


  • No need for film peeling-off work that was previously required before processing; this can lead to shortened working hours.
  • SPV-LG-4002 (for CO2) and SPV-LG-5002/LG-5004 (for both CO2 and fiber) are added to our product lineup as high-strength adhesive types designed with an emphasis on film peel-off prevention with assist gas.
  • SPV-LG-4000 (for CO2) , SPV-LG-5000 (for both CO2 and fiber) are added to our product lineup as middle-strength adhesive types designed with an emphasis on light releaseability.
  • No chlorine-based gas emissions during laser machining.
  • Finer finishing by twice cutting pierced parts or cut sections.
  • Less soot of black during laser machining.


Product No. LG-4000 LG-4002 LG-5000 LG-5002 LG-5002W LG-5004 LG-5004W
0.100 0.090
Adhesive strength
2.70 4.50 3.60 4.00
Tensile strength
Elongation MD
250 300
(S-W-M (h))
75 150
Reverse Printing NO
Applications for CO2 for both CO2 and fiber


SPV™-LG-4000 Series「white」
SPV™-LG-5000 Series「gray」


  • Surface protection material used during transport and processing of stainless plates and aluminum plates. The tape can stay on during the laser cutting process.
  • Also applies to the bending process.


Precautions during laser process

  • For tasks in which protective film for laser processing etc. is burned, gas will be generated as a result of the burning, so be sure to equip with exhaust facilities, wear protective masks for organic gases, etc. When working in a poorly-ventilated area, headaches or dizziness may occur.
  • Peeling film, underside burrs, etc. differ according to processing conditions. Please thoroughly consider processing conditions before use.
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