Reinforcing Material NITOHARD™

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Expandable reinforcing material adheres firmly to steel panels, including curved surfaces.

As steel panels become thinner, issues such as lower rigidity. Our solution to such problems is NITOHARD, an epoxy foam type reinforcing material for steel panels, developed using Nitto's original polymer technology. An adhesive material is applied to the epoxy resin material, enabling it to firmly adhere to steel panels and to conform to curved surfaces. NITOHARD is expanded and hardened using the heat released during the paint-drying process, and provides partial reinforcement for steel panels.


  • Can be easily attached to steel panels. Foamed and hardened by heating while still attached to provide excellent reinforcement.
  • Initial adhesive property permits easy attachment to a variety of materials.
  • Remains flexible before foaming and adheres tightly to complex shapes and curved surfaces. Extremely easy to work with; has excellent punchability.
  • Wide functional temperature range; does not deteriorate at low or high temperatures.
  • Special structure of resin layer prevents strain of substrate after hardening.
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